Nurse Entrepreneurs Make and Create Headlines!

It is Time for Your Brand to Be Seen and Heard

Are you a nurse entrepreneur, passionate about healthcare innovation and ready to amplify your impact?

Meet Nia, a 45-year-old black female nurse entrepreneur who embodies the spirit of innovation, compassion, and unwavering commitment to health equity. Like you, Nia reached a turning point after a decade in nursing, realizing the potential beyond traditional boundaries.

In a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, Nia stands as an inovative leader, who leverages digital media to dismantle barriers and light the way to holistic wellness. Her journey, deeply rooted in cultural awareness and patient-centered care, is a testament to the transformative power of health education in empowering communities.

As a member of our digital media tribe at The Color of Wellness Media, you will join visionary leaders like Nia. We're a collective dedicated to building an inclusive, well-informed, and healthier society. Our platform is not just about visibility; it's about making meaningful connections and growing together.

Feeling lost in the vast ocean of social media? Struggling to get your voice heard? We're here to change that. With us, you'll gain the visibility and recognition you deserve. You know exactly how to help your community, and we're here to ensure they hear your message.

Join us in shaping a new healthcare paradigm – one that's innovative, intentional, and infused with equity. It's time for your voice to be heard, your ideas to be shared, and your impact to be felt worldwide. Welcome to our tribe, where your growth is our mission, and changing the healthcare narrative is our collective journey.

We need to talk.

Your patients and their families don't always understand how important it is to eat well or exercise regularly. They may not be aware that they're at risk for diabetes or heart disease if they don't eat healthy foods or get enough exercise. But you can help them! You can be the first person in their lives to tell them about these risks, and how important it is to act now so they can live long and healthy lives. You can show them how easy it is to make healthy choices every day by making sure they know where to get cheap fruits and vegetables, or which gyms offer low-cost memberships.

Tell them.

Teach them.



Just one day at this immersive and interactive workshop will jumpstart your career/business trajectory in health communications:


Saturday, December 9, 2023 9:00 AM EST



  • December 9, 2023




The Only Event Teaching Healthcare Professionals the POWER of Digital Media





Understand the POWER of Digital Media:

Are you a Healthcare professional with an interest in communications? Are you ready to give back to the community with health education?
Want to add a new skill to your repertoire?

If so, we think you'll love our Digital Media Workshop. It's an overview and experience designed specifically for healthcare professionals who want to learn how to monetize podcasting, writing, and video streaming. You'll learn how to become a trusted partner in your local healthcare community by sharing your expertise with your community through digital media channels like blogs and social media.

You'll also get connected with other professionals who are interested in learning about digital media and building their own network of like minds. In addition to that, you'll get access to a curriculum filled with helpful tips on how to leverage skills and knowledge when it comes time for your application process.

Your Instructor:

Michelle Greene Rhodes

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Find your VOICE that in turn empowers, educates and helps create equity in vulnerable community:

As healthcare professionals of color, it is our responsibility to act against racism in healthcare and the world.

We can do this by speaking out against racial discrimination in hospitals and communities, as well as educating our patients about the importance of health equity.


  • By establishing trust, your community can now move forward with their next step in wellness.

  • By engaging with you they find that outlet that they had been looking for along their wellness journey.

  • By engaging with your brand, your community now has found a place of “belonging”.


  • Address health equity powerfully.

  • Share latest wellness information.

  • Gain trust as the “go to” for health education in your community.

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  • Our diversity makes us different, powerful, and unique. Now we are in position to begin the tough conversations.

  • The community can relate with those who look, sound, and understands them most.

  • Inclusion makes all the difference when it comes to implementing a wellness plan thereby impacting outcomes in a positive manner.

The Only Certificate Program geared Towards Minority Nurses that want to make a big impact on their communities via Digital Media

You have a personal brand that needs to be promoted. You are serving your community and educating patients on a daily basis. Technology is here to stay, embrace it, know how to use it, then exploit it for the good of our communities. Get out there and teach people what you know. Become a writer, and create content for your patients/customers/clients. Utilize live streaming so they can learn directly from you in their own language.

The possibilities are endless once we set our minds to learning how to employ the latest tools.

Let’s face it, nurses have been left behind by advances in technology.

But we have a real opportunity to harness the power of digital media to build our personal brands and diversify our income streams. In this course, you’ll learn about podcasting, live streaming, writing for online publications, and more.